can you get red spots on both sides of the face due to a dirty pillow case? i have a patch of red dots on either side of my fac

Best Answer: white pill with pink spots #3604 Located a match to a white oblong pill with orange speckles, it's Acetaminophen 325 mg and Hydrocodone 5 mg, which .

Sign up for my yearbook on cell phone. ok first off vicodin is not a benzo its an opiate ,the pills you are describing sound like 5mg norcos (5mg hydrocodone 325mg .

Marine passing a urine test. very urgent!? Hi, im 18 and ive just enlisted in the united states marines. Im not a frequent marijuana user. March31st I smoked a couple .


dot drug test Filed in Diethylpropion i have to take random drug test as the pilot of a river boat. and i can not take no narcotics and i dont no how to find out if .

What hydrocodone pills say Watson on one side and have red specks (dots)? The KGB Agent answer: Not medical advice: HYDROCODONE/APAP TABLETS 5/325 mg 100s CIII is .

Why does hydrocodone have red specks/dots in them and what are they for? ChaCha Answer: Some red speck in some hydrocodone pills "spe.

Why do some Vicodin pills have red dots on it? ChaCha Answer: Some Vicodin pills have different dosages. The red dots indicate a cert.

Why do i have a really bad pain Why do my hydrocodone pills have red dots on my rectum? I'm not trying to be gross or nasty about this, all i know is that I don't have a hernia or anything similar.

Is This Normal? I took the morning after

Why do my hydrocodone pills have red dots

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